Current Pricing*

(as of 01-Sept-2012)


Hotel (per night)

# of persons Normal Season High Season
 1  Q220.00 Q400.00
2 Q300.00 Q500.00
3 Q380.00 Q600.00
4 Q460.00 Q700.00
5 Q500.00 Q800.00


Apartment (per night)

Normal Season High Season
 Q700.00 Q950.00


Other (per night)


Type Price
Dormitory (per person)  Q50.00
Economy Quarters (1 person) Q90.00
Economy Quarters (2 persons) Q125.00
Camping (tent) Q25.00
Camping (trailer/mobile home) Q50.00
Car and Lancha Parking Q25.00
fractional day charge Q15.00



$200.00 (USD) per month
Q2.88 (~$0.39 USD) per Kilowatt


* includes 22% government tax
Checkout time is 11:00am
Please contact us about further information for Students and Agencies
(Prices subject to change at any time without notice)